23 July 2021
Thousands of democracy activists blocked a major junction in Bangkok on Friday to rehearse "coup prevention" strategies in the latest round of Thailand's anti-government protests
Thailand: Over a thousand pro-democracy protesters gathered in Bangkok, more are expected to join them. Country sees protests for new constitution, reform of monarchy and resignation of prime minister
Thailand on Friday signed a $200 million deal to procure 26 million doses of a trial coronavirus vaccine developed by pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca in collaboration with Oxford University. It is expected to be delivered in mid-2021
Multiple spots at Thailand anti-government demonstration where various groups are speaking, entertaining protesters with a variety of performances.
A protester carries a torch during a pro-democracy rally demanding the prime minister to resign and reforms on the monarchy, in Bangkok, Thailand, November 27, 2020. REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun
20.18h: Police HQ is still getting pelted with paint cans and bags. Only a few officers seem inside
At least 2,000 police officers are waiting for the marchers inside the police HQ, backed by crowd control vehicles like water cannons and long-range acoustic device (LRAD)8 month ago
At least 2,000 police officers are waiting for the marchers inside the police HQ, backed by crowd control vehicles like water cannons and long-range acoustic device (LRAD)
Orange paint splashed across the Police Headquarters sign. The protesters are angry about what happened last night
18:15 The crowd at the Ratchaprosong intersection
The vehicle behind the riot police in this video seems to be a LRAD, or long range acoustic device. The sound cannon is designed to disorient a crowd in event of clashes.
Protests spray painting in front of the National Police Headquarters as they shout "I Hear Too."
Rubber ducks at opposition march in Bangkok
Police made no attempts to shut down or interfere with the rally at Ratchaprasong Intersection, as far as we know. They seem to be hunkering down at their HQ just a stone's throw away down Rama I Road.
Demonstrators are occupying Ratchaprasong Intersection now, their determination to oust PM Prayut Chan-o-cha bolstered by police's relentless use of teargas and water cannons against them yesterday.
Thailand protesters already spilled onto street downtown Bangkok Ratchaprasong
3:50 p.m. Mass descends on the bank of Ratchadamri Road. Ratchaprasong Intersection Started to close traffic as the police informed the protesters that the protest was wrong
"My tax" says a graffiti over a seized & incapacitated anti-riot vehicle
8.45pm: The injured person is escorted out
Hot spot at Kiakkai intersection. Security guards order protesters to leave the area for Parliament after loud noises like explosives were heard in a clash with royalists
Rescue workers are assisting those injured in the clashes at Kiakkai Intersection. A reporter for Khaosod says 4-5 bangs that sounded like gunshots were heard.
Clashes between protesters and hardline royalists near the parliament erupted again after a loud bang resembling gunshot was heard at Kiakkai Intersection. Thailand
19.44h: With both protesters and police sitting down at the parliament entrance, balloons are being brought to the frontline. A loudspeaker van has also arrived. They're planning to stay "until the vote" in parliament, which is tomorrow
Protesters at the entrance to the parliament building
Protesters at the entrance to the parliament building
19:18h: The last police line at parliament has retreated now, allowing protesters to walk up to its gates. This follows after hours and hours of tense standoffs where police used water cannons and tear gas to stop their advance
19.10 hrs. Situation in front of the entrance-exit of the Parliament Building, the police retreated in front of the Parliament Building. While the masses from the intersection of Keek Kai Prachet area, Samsen Road is about 150 m from the front of the National Assembly. Mob 17 November
18.42 Police fired 3 tear gas at protesters while they are moving razor wire away from the frontline. The protesters had to temporarily retreat, as an ambulance came to take away an injured person
Protesters have broken through one of the police lines and have taken a water cannon truck. Police have retreated from this position
Some protesters have appropriated police equipment. Police say unless the protesters disperse, the police will move in "DECISIVELY" and end the protest once and for all
Outside parliament house, protesters have broken through barricades. This area is wet with water from water cannons earlier. The water seems to be mixed with chemical irritants. Without goggles, the air here can make your eyes burn
The police announced they will move out the water cannon truck and send in a negotiator. The police asked, "Please do not harm the police." The protestors jeered at this announcement
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